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Continue the Support of Earth Day with Eco-Friendly Clothing

Earth Day is celebrated around the world on April 22 with staged events and projects to address a variety of environmental issues. Launched as an awareness event, Earth Day has grown to be a day to empower everyone to make conscious changes in their life to help the environment. However this shouldn’t be just a day event – make changes everyday of your life. First easy step! Start with the clothes you wear.

Choose clothes that don’t compromise the planet. There are a lot of eco-friendly clothing options to choose nowadays. Not all eco-friendly clothing is yoga-wear (although we have some great yoga wear) or granola-hippy-flowery get-ups. With new ways to screen-print, you can get some really cool branded pieces you’d find at any great ski or snowboard shop, but that are much more comfortable! (oh and great for the planet!)

So what fabrics are you looking for? Look for clothing made of Bamboo, Hemp, or Organic Cotton. Not only are these materials great for the earth, but also they are really comfortable and super soft. So you may find a great bamboo shirt with a cool silkscreen but the ink may not be earth friendly. At screw, we use water based and non plastisol inks.

Check out our awesome line of eco-friendly clothing and when you are shopping, make a conscious choice on the fabrics you are going to wear.

Not only feel good in eco-clothing, but know you did something good for the planet.


SCREW Display at Crankworx July 20-24

The SCREW tent display will be at Whistler for Crankworx July20-24 in support of Canadian Trialsbike champion John Webster sponsored by SCREW. Check out the new bike graphic design at the event and available for sale in the village.

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SCREW is proud to sponsor Canadian Trials Bike Champion and #7 in the world  John Webster from Mill Bay, British Columbia.


The SCREW brand – Socially Conscious Responsible Environmental Wear makes a bold statement by those who use SCREW products. People who prefer to live exceptional lives and wear exceptional clothes that don’t negatively impact other people or the planet.

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